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Natural Organic Edible Cosmetics

NOe is derived from 100% natural, organic and edible ingredients. Each carefully chosen food-grade ingredient is purely derived from vitamin enriched, high-antioxidant fruits, vegetables, and botanicals that truly feed the skin and provide an array of nutrients which are completely safe and naturally effective for maintaining a healthy, radiant glow.

Up to 60% of whatever we place on our skin goes into our blood stream. Given that we already have on average 91 chemicals in our bodies that donít belong there, many of which are often triggers for some of the illnesses that affect us, the implications of lathering ourselves with more chemicals doesnít make a lot of sense.

Everything edible can always be broken down by the body and expelled. Given too that the best way to stay healthy is to ingest vitamins and nutrients, through natural, organic fruits and vegetables, by far the best way to get vitamins and nutrients to our skin is to apply natural organic food derived ingredients.

Welcome to NOe Cosmetics.

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